Silver frosted sugar maple with copper frosted japanese maple and silver frosted alder cone suncatcher

Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What are Frosted Leaves?

 FROSTED LEAVES are real leaves and cones (Aspen leaves, Birch leaves, Japanese Maple leaves, Oak leaves, Canadian Sugar Maple leaves, and Alder cones) transformed into:


* EARRINGS – on French hooks (Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold-Filled, or surgical steel with copper wrap) $37


* NECKLACES with 18 inch 14kt Gold-Filled Venetian Box Chain OR Sterling Silver Venetian Box Chain OR Solid Copper Curb Chain $45


* NECKLACES in LEATHER – adjustable double knot leather cord (from 16 to 28 inches) with curled plated wire removable pendant bail $35


* PINS (various sized leaves dangling from a small gold, silver or copper plated kilt pin) $22


* BOOKMARKS (gold, silver or copper plated bookmark with glass lampwork bead and one leaf or cone) $25


* SUNCATCHERS (Large Canadian sugar maple leaf on handmade gold, silver or copper plated hanger with glass lampwork bead) – 1, 2 or 3 Leaves $34, $41, $48


2) Do you pick the leaves yourself?

No, I don’t. I am the jewelry maker! I contract with a family that are professional leaf pickers. They pick, dry and skeletonize the leaves, then send them to an electroplater where they are plated first in copper to strengthen the veins, then in pure silver, 24kt gold or burnished copper. The electroplated leaves are then sent to me to do whatever I want with them.

3) Do they break?

Some of the leaves are more heavily plated than others. They are not easily bent or broken unless force is used. I have only ever had 1 of the largest sugar maple leaves break, and that was when someone sat on it. 🙂

4) Do they tarnish?

All jewelry requires care, and from time to time, cleaning, followed by proper storage which seals them from the humidity in the air. The gold and silver are easy to clean if they start to discolor. Take a look at the CARE tab.

Because the burnished copper color is created with a patina applied to the copper plating, it cannot be cleaned without removing the patina completely and leaving the raw pink/orange copper underneath, which is a color I call Rose Copper. Because of this, if you have a burnished copper piece that has tarnished – turning gray, brown or blackish, please contact me. I will replace that piece free if you send the original back to me.

5) Why are the leaves in my pair of earrings different?

Every Frosted Leaf is unique and different from every other one because they are real leaves. They are short, long, wide, narrow, dense, see-through, and a myriad of shapes and edges – just as nature made them. Pairs of leaves are matched as closely as possible for the earrings. Expect differences! Isn’t this a big part of the charm of wearing REAL leaves? Mother Nature doesn’t use a cookie cutter. 🙂


Do you want more information? Do you have more questions? Let’s talk!  wlwatts@telus.net