Frosted Leaves Types & Sizes

FROSTED LEAVES are real leaves and cones that have been collected across North America by teams, groups and families, then dried and electroplated in 24kt Gold, Fine Silver and Burnished Copper. The real leaf or cone is still inside each Frosted Leaf!

 The pictures below show our six different leaf types – aspen, birch, Japanese maple, oak, sugar maple and alder cones. The ruler in the pictures is to help you gauge the sizes we carry. To enlarge the pictures to their fullest, click on an image and it will enlarge slightly. Then click on the enlarged image and it will enlarge even further :

Each leaf or cone is completely unique and different from every other one. Some leaves are shorter, longer, wider, narrower, more densely frosted, or more see-through, and there are a myriad of shapes and edges. You will notice that the two leaves or cones in your earrings are not identical, and that is part of the magic of Frosted Leaves!

Earring and necklace leaves and cones are the smallest sizes we use. This leaf size is also used for bookmarks. Within this ‘smallest’ grouping, there is still variety in size and shape, particularly between the different types of leaves. For example, generally speaking, aspen leaves and alder cones tend to be the smallest. However, there are also a few oak and birch leaves that are tinier than some of the aspen and cones.

Pins come in aspen and sugar maple leaves, and they are a little larger than the earring sized leaves. The aspen pins are available frosted in 24kt Gold, Fine Silver and Burnished Copper, while the sugar maple are available frosted in 24kt Gold only.

Suncatchers are made with our largest sized sugar maple leaves and Japanese maple leaves. Keep in mind these are not the largest leaves that you can find on these trees, just the largest size that we make into Frosted Leaves!